Programme for weekend of Marche de la Memoire 2022

Here is the programme of activities in St Martin Vésubie for the weekend of the Marche de la Mémoire 2022, from Friday 2 September to Sunday 4 September.

If you wish to come to the events over the weekend, please email
We will then contact you to discuss the details.

Friday 2 September

20:00Shabbat evening dinner, in Salle Jean Gabin (1 on on map below). Bookings are no longer available. (Note the new time of 20:00)

Saturday 3 September

08:30Morning service, in Salle Jean Gabin (1 on on map below).
11:00 – 12:00Walking tour of Saint Martin Vésubie. Meet by the Tourist Office (2 on map below)
15:00 – 17:00Talks in the Mediathèque (library) of Saint Martin Vésubie. Three generations share their SMV story. (3 on map below)
20:45+Social evening in the Salle Jean Gabin (1 on on map below). (Not including dinner.)

Sunday 4 September

Make sure you are prepared for an almost-600m climb up to 2474m and possible bad weather.

08:00 – 08:30Meet at the Madone de Fenestre. At the Hotel des Pelerins, on the right of the square, coffee is generously offered by the association Les Pèlerins de Notre-Dame-de-Fenestre and croissants by the municipality of Saint Martin Vésubie.
08:45Short ceremony, followed by departure for the climb.
10:30 – 11:30For those unable to participate in the climb: alternative programme at the Hotel des Pelerins.
12:00Meet the walkers from the Italian side at the pass. Followed by talks, singing and blowing of the shofar.
16:30Ceremony in Saint Martin Vésubie by the memorials to the Righteous Among the Nations and to the Deported (4 on map below). Reading of the names of those deported.
17:30Refreshments in the Town Hall offered by the municipality (5 on map below).
Location of events for the weekend in Saint Martin Vésubie