Journey of Faith: A Tribute to Naftali Krauthamer and Saint Martin Vésubie

In a time of darkness, a hero did arise,
Naftali, my great grandfather, brave and wise.
Through the French Italian Alps, he made his flight,
Escaping the clutches of the Nazi blight.

From the village of Saint Martin Vésubie,
They saved your family and many more with glee.
Gratitude fills our hearts for their selfless deeds,
As they offered shelter and met our needs.

With a Torah scroll, Naftali embarked,
A symbol of faith, never to be dark.
Through treacherous paths and snow-covered trails,
He carried God’s word; his spirit never fails.

Amidst the rugged mountains, he trod with care,
The magnificent sights, the pristine air.
Yet the world below, engulfed in war’s strife,
A stark contrast to this haven of life.

In the quietude of nature’s grand display,
Naftali found solace, hope to pave his way.
He clung to God’s commandments, steadfast and true,
Guided by faith, his spirit ever grew.

Oh, Saint Martin Vésubie, a beacon of light,
Your kindness and compassion, shining so bright.
Grateful we are for your noble embrace,
Rescuing lives, providing a sacred space.

Naftali, my namesake, we Honor today,
A testament to strength, as you led the way.
May we carry your legacy in our hearts,
Faith and devotion, never to depart.

In the face of darkness, we’ll hold steadfast,
United by love, our spirits everlast.
For through trials and hardships, we shall endure,
With gratitude, faith, and love so pure.

Naftali Gurwitz

Naftali, a 33-year-old residing in Israel, finds profound meaning in his heritage, inspired by the courageous journey of his grandparents who traversed the majestic French Italian Alps during World War II, finding salvation from the grasp of the Nazis In St Martin Vésubie . In 2019, on his grandmother’s 80th birthday, he made the decision to join the “Marche de la Mémoire” of that year and fell in love with the breathtaking sights, the remarkable people of the Marche, and the powerful act of commemoration. “Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you” (Deuteronomy 32:7), he returned once again with his wife and eagerly awaits the opportunity to fulfill his promise of taking his children to the Alps, where their family history unfolded.

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